On Receiving a Diagnosis

  When the psychiatrist first said the words, I couldn't get my head around them. It's not that the diagnosis was a surprise, exactly. I'd considered it before. The mood swings have plagued me for nearly as long as I can remember. The elation and confidence that would carry me along but which I couldn't… Continue reading On Receiving a Diagnosis


Lowered Expectations

My mood always hits a nadir following a period when I've indulged in the notion that I can accomplish something big, something important to someone outside of my own small circle. I'll publish an influential book or become a recognized leader in my community or do some important research, something that would make people who interview people… Continue reading Lowered Expectations

Trust, power, and coercion

When my nearly adolescent children were cute little babies, strangers seemed drawn to rub my children's fuzzy heads and squeeze their little cheeks. I could understand the impulse; my children were cuddle magnets. But I would fight through my nice-girl tendencies, turn my body slightly so my child was out of reach, and tell the stranger that I preferred to ask… Continue reading Trust, power, and coercion

The Meeting of Unlikely Heroes

"Tonight's Meeting of Unlikely Heroes will now come to order. I'm Bob." "Hi, Bob," came a sparse chorus of voices from the circle. There were twenty rusty-legged chairs in the circle, less than half of which were occupied. "I see a lot of new faces tonight, so, welcome," continued Bob. "We have coffee and pastries over on the… Continue reading The Meeting of Unlikely Heroes