On Change

I'm accustomed to a predictable cycle of moods: depression, elation, rage, then depression again. Looking back at my journals, this is how it's been since at least college (I haven't had the courage to look at my journals from high school or earlier). I might not like it, but it's how I roll. Lately, however,… Continue reading On Change


On the Decision to Disclose a Diagnosis (or Not)

  I feel conflicted about telling people about my diagnosis. On the one hand, I feel a responsibility to disclose to help reduce the stigma of mental illness, especially serious mental illness. On the other hand, I feel like keeping it to myself because I don't want to be the object of the stigma against… Continue reading On the Decision to Disclose a Diagnosis (or Not)

Trust, power, and coercion

When my nearly adolescent children were cute little babies, strangers seemed drawn to rub my children's fuzzy heads and squeeze their little cheeks. I could understand the impulse; my children were cuddle magnets. But I would fight through my nice-girl tendencies, turn my body slightly so my child was out of reach, and tell the stranger that I preferred to ask… Continue reading Trust, power, and coercion